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Aug 24, 2009. Air Force ROTC offers various scholarship opportunities for students at. Scholarship Program (ICSP), and; the Express Scholarship Program.
AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps students can apply if the examination has been scheduled. If selected, they cannot activate a scholarship until.
AFROTC is particularly interested in nursing students who may be eligible for non -competitive express scholarships that pay full tuition. Upon completing your.

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For Air Force ROTC scholarship students, you're obligated once you've .. HBCU Historically Black College or University , HSI, and Express Scholarships.

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Air Force ROTC scholarships offer something traditional scholarships don't – a  guaranteed job immediately after graduation.. Express Scholarships>> Are you.
AFROTC is a voluntary elective which offers a four-year, a three-year, and a. other science/technical fields may be eligible for a $15,000 "Express" Scholarship.
Oct 18, 2010. "The Express Scholarship is designed to meet Air Force ROTC officer production requirements in specific fields and year groups. Contact the.
You have to already be in college and in the specific major to apply for an Express scholarship. You also need to complete your degree in a year that.
Air Force ROTC Technical Express Scholarship Information. Full tuition scholarships for highly qualified students pursuing electrical or computer engineering.
Air Force ROTC offers scholarships in all academic majors necessary to meet Air Force needs. These needs can change from year to year. You should carefully.

af-rotc express scholarships

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Information about scholarships available to Air Force ROTC students at Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University.

af-rotc express scholarships